"The everyday misshapen objects that appear in my paintings are a common denominator in my evolution as a painter. My international experience has found an anchor point in these elements that are repeated from one place to another and that have become metaphors of the questions that my work pursues to answer. Each of the countries I have lived at and its everyday items have become a new perspective from which to answer the dominant subjects in my work: consciousness and experience, the sense of being and interactions between social egos, among others."

2001 - PhD Economics, University of Basque Country (Spain) and University of Berkeley, Berkeley (USA)

2002 - Analog Photography and Experimental Drawing, University of Berkeley, Berkeley (USA)

2009 - Private Sculpture Classes at Deborah Hoch's studio, San Francisco (USA)

2012 - Classical Figure Drawing Workshop, London Atelier of Representational Art, London (UK)

2013 - Painting and Drawing courses under the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Visual Arts, University of Berkeley, San Francisco (USA)

2014 - Master of Arts, Painting, Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelon (Spain)


2016 - Group exhibition, Circuit Artístic, Barcelona (Spain)

2016 - Group exhibition, Estudios A Tu Aire, Bilbao (Spain)

2015 - Individual exhibition, 0'Level, Madrid (Spain)

2010 - Individual performance: Appearance and Meaning, San Francisco (USA)

2003 - Group exhibition, Photography, Bakrenko Collection, Saint Petersburg (Russia)


2016 - Artist at Garte AYA Abstract Art Gallery, Bilbao (Spain)

2016 - Partner&Artist at Jano, Association for the Promotion and Divulgation of Arts, Barcelona (Spain)


2017 – Jano Association. The Hotel of the Arts, Catalonia (Spain)