Almudena Blanco's artwork focuses on questions concerning personal identity. Blanco defends it is in our personal private spaces, such as our homes, where we have a bigger chance to connect with our true identity; the one that survives underneath the many stratums of triviality. She investigates the authentic expression of the self through the representation of these private spaces.

Her paintings turn out to be allegorical representations of people's homes. Through them, she explores the capacity of a chair, a bottle, or a door to invoke human introspection and people's connection with their true selves as a consequence of self-observation. 

Blanco's paintings are created by the superposition of layers that act as a metaphor of a personal process of self-awareness. While observing ourselves, one way to approve what we see in us as authentic is by reinforcing it or denying it through our following actions. This is also what her paintings do as they are the result of a process of correction and reaffirmation exemplified by the superposition of layers of gesture and color. This whole process is openly shown all over the canvas.

Blanco also reflects on personal identity through the use of photography. She analyzes the delusion of the self that takes place when a group of people share a public space together. She works on spontaneous photographs taken in public spaces that try to capture this human confusion. People moving fast, running away one from another or just remaining immobile in the absence of personal connection. This is how human beings show up nowadays out of their private spaces.