Artist's studio

Artist's studio


2001 - PhD Economics, University of Basque Country (Spain) and University of Berkeley,                      Berkeley (USA)

2002 - Analog Photography and Experimental Drawing, University of Berkeley, Berkeley (USA)

2009 - Private Sculpture Classes at Deborah Hoch's studio, San Francisco (USA)

2012 - Classical Figure Drawing Workshop, LARA, London (UK)

2013 - Painting and Drawing courses under the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Visual Arts,                University of Berkeley, San Francisco (USA)

2014 - Master of Arts, Painting, Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona (Spain)




2017 June - Group exhibition, When Time Becomes Tangible, Basel

2017 July - Group exhibition, La Biennale 2017, Zattere Studio, Venice

2017 Oct - Group exhibition, Permission to Dream, Broadway Chambers, NY

2017 Nov - Individual exhibition, Galería Bozzetto, Bilbao (Spain)





2017 March - Group exhibition, Feel&Flow Galería de Arte, Madrid

2017 February - Group exhibition, Cristolart Galleries, Barcelona

2017 February - Group exhibition, Winter Colors, Tandem Gallery, Sabadell (Spain)

2016 - Group exhibition, Circuit Artístic, Fundación, Claret, Barcelona (Spain)

2016 - Group exhibition, NauArt, Barcelona (Spain)

2016 - Group exhibition, Autum Colors, Tandem Art Gallery, Sabadell (Spain)

2016 - Solo exhibition, K2, Bilbao (Spain)

2016 - Group exhibition, Blanco, Nave 73, Madrid (Spain)

2016 - Group exhibition, Estudios A Tu Aire, Bilbao (Spain)

2015 - Solo exhibition, 0'Level, Madrid (Spain)

2010 - Individual performance: Appearance and Meaning, San Francisco (USA)

2003 - Group exhibition, Photography, Bakrenko Collection, Saint Petersburg (Russia)



2017 - Special Recognition, All Women Art Exhibition, Light Space and Time Gallery

2016 - Finalist at the 8th Art Slant Prize

2016 - Finalist at the November contest at Fusion Art Gallery     



2017 - Art Reveal Magazine



2017 - Artist at UFOFABRIK Art Gallery, Moena (Italy)

2016 - Artist at Garte AYA Abstract Art Gallery, Bilbao (Spain)

2016 - Partner&Artist at Jano, Association for the Promotion and Divulgation of Arts, Barcelona (Spain)



2017 – Jano Association. The Hotel of the Arts, Catalonia (Spain)